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Hybresis® Iontophoresis System by Empi


Product Description

The Hybresis System delivers charged water-soluble drugs and other ionic substances across intact skin and consists of three components: a Charging Station, rechargeable Controller(s) and disposable Patch(es).

The Hybresis System is designed to provide the following three treatment options:

  • Hybresis Treatment - The Controller delivers current at 3mA to the Patch for three minutes for a Skin Conductivity Enhancement (SCE), followed by the patient wearing the Patch for approximately one to two hours, resulting in a 40-80 mA-minute treatment, respectively.
  • Standard Treatment - The Controller delivers current at 2, 3 or 4 mA to the Patch for 10-20 minutes, resulting in a 40 mA-minute treatment. For an 80 mA-minute treatment, repeat the treatment.
  • Patch-Only Treatment - The Patch delivers low level current over 2-4 hours, resulting in an approximate 40-80 mA-minute treatment respectively.
  • Fast and Easy to Use: Just click on the Dose Controller and press start. The wireless controller does the rest.
  • Shorter Treatments: A three-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement breaks the skins resistance, allowing an accurate 80 mA dose in only two-hours.
  • Great for Travel: Dose Controller performs multiple treatments between charges. After the three-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement phase, players get back to daily activities and you get to the next patient.

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