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OsteoAMP® by Advanced Biologics


Product Description

OsteoAMP® is a new biologic growth factor technology that is proving to be a formidable alternative to rhBMP-2 and allograft derived stem cell matrices. Bone marrow cells are known to be rich in angiogenic, mitogenic, and osteoinductive growth factors such as BMPs. Until now, there has not been an effective method of accessing these growth factors. With the AMP process, we are finally able to access this untapped resource.

What is OsteoAMP®?
OsteoAMP® is an allograft derived growth factor. Through Advanced Biologics proprietary process, allograft and its native bone marrow are processed and the BMPs and growth factors found within the bone marrow cells are extracted and bound to the allograft. This process results in an end product that has shown to contain 500-1000 times the BMP and growth factor amounts of any autograft or allograft derived biologic on the market.

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