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Anatomage is a company specializing on 3D medical technology. Founded 2004, Anatomage has been consistently growing and expanding through the years. The company office is located in San Jose, California, next to many high tech companies. Inheriting the spirit of Sillicon Valley, Anatomage has been building the company with dedication, fast moving, innovation, and leadership.

Anatomage started as a 3D imaging software company, and has grown to a full scale solution company. The product offering has been expanded to software, digital service, and image guided treatment devices. Anatomage offers very unique products for each clinical applications as following:
For radiology, the software has top quality rendering and workup tools.
For implantology, it offers the least number of steps for image guided surgery solutions.
For orthodontics, it offers the only impression-less virtual model and full 3D analysis.
For surgical applications, it offers the true 3D hard tissue and soft tissue reconstruction simulations.
For medical device design, it offers unique device and image fusion design solutions.

In every product or each new release, Anatomage introduces fresh idea and features beyond anybody’s expectations. Anatomage is not interested in replicating other existing products, but rather focuses on coming
up with solutions to the problems nobody has solved yet. There are several important standard features customers see from everybody in 3D imaging that are actually originated from Anatomage.

Anatomage constantly pursues extraordinary products and executions, and is not satisfied with mediocrity. It appears Anatomage’s vision aligns well with top talents’ high standards. Anatomage was able to recruit a very strong technical team consisting of medical engineering, mathematics and computer engineering at top at their respected fields. At the same time, more and more top clinicians and opinion leaders are joining the collaboration with the company. Together with such extraordinary people, Anatomage will continuously advance to the next levels.

Anatomage has been featured in many journal publications, research studies, chosen as Top 10 dental product of 2008 by Dental Products Report, and featured in various museums. We are very dedicated in helping individuals and institutions do their research and publish their work with our technology. Whether you are a clinician, researcher, an imaging center, a laboratory, or a medical company. Anatomage has very advanced and complete solution for your needs. Please contact Anatomage about your interest, you may be surprised to find out what can be done with us.

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111 N Market Street #800
San Jose, CA 95113
United States

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